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 MM's Registration Profile (HEADMASTER)

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PostSubject: MM's Registration Profile (HEADMASTER)   MM's Registration Profile (HEADMASTER) Icon_minitimeThu Jul 24, 2008 9:50 pm

Name: Ray Shirim

Age: 16

Description: Blonde hair, blue eyes, red t-shirt, blue jeans, wears a tennis visor.

Background: On a Sailboat with his friend Roy and Louis, they stumbled upon this island. Working together they created the ultimate location to duel and battle with Yu-gi-oh and Pokemon. Now they head this Island, and lead the Island's members through ultimate challenges!

Interested in: Pkmn

Looking foward to: Pkmn battles, meeting new people, having amazing RP's, and showing off art

Favorate Color: Red

Battle Style: Speed, agility and endurance. If you can dodge your opponent's attacks for a long period of time, eventually they will tire out and open their guard.

Dorm Suggestion: I wanna be in the Crimson Red Dorm

Starter Pokemon: Mudkip
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MM's Registration Profile (HEADMASTER)
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